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Did you ever dream of traveling to an alternate universe? I actually did it. I am the Bear, high school kid.
My life-long wish has been to find my mother who disappeared when I was a baby. An Indian medicine man told me it was possible to find her, but I would have to look in the magical kingdom of his ancestors. My friends said they would go with me if I gave it a shot. So I did. Be careful what you wish for. We promptly found ourselves in a fantasy land where we met Uriah, a talking cocker spaniel. He told me my destiny was sealed by an ancient scroll that prophesied an unlikely hero who would come out of nowhere to save his homeland from destruction by an evil king. He said I was that hero. No pressure.
Life in Uriah’s world is one big twist. Nothing is what it seems. Both good and evil attempt to trick me at every turn, and I continually struggle to separate illusion from reality. My friends might not be who I think they are, and I am forced to trust my life to a lovable, but self-centered dog. I could use a little help. Join me. Together we can solve the secret of the Sceptre


“Kirkus stars are like diamonds: extremely rare. A starred review is the top of the top, a prestigious, Holy Grail that highlights books of “exceptional merit”. A starred review represents outstanding writing. Kirkus gives about 3000 “Indie” reviews a year. Only 60-90 get a Kirkus Star.”

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