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Geof with BE Boucher

B E Boucher is the author of the Jonster the Monster and the Bear trilogy. The Sceptre introduces Jonster the Monster and the Bear and friends to readers badly in need of good YA Fantasy stories. The Secret City is the second book in the series and continues the fantasy adventures of his beloved son Geof “the Bear,” who passed away in 2021 due to complications from brain cancer. To honor the spirit and values of his son, Boucher gives encouragement and hope to young people who are facing life threatening illnesses, bullying, or other tests of the soul. Geof was an “I got this” battler, and an inspiration to everyone he touched. In the trilogy, the Bear teaches young people that their troubles can be overcome with humor, imagination, and a never say die attitude.
Geof’s fourteen-year fight against brain cancer was not just about the disease. Promising therapies were continually roadblocked by lack of cooperation between institutions and researchers, insurance complications, and unreasonable restrictions on clinical trials. Governmental red tape was so confining that Geof, and those like him, were forced to look for treatments in foreign lands, just as his mother did in the trilogy. At times, these obstructions were all but insurmountable, and in many ways, are reflected in the challenges Geof faces in The Sceptre and The Secret City. The Bear’s courage and refusal to let brain cancer rule his life motivated his father, with Geof’s approval, to tell his story through enchanting adventures. Geof hoped to show other young people that deep within themselves, they too have the mental toughness to defeat the seemingly undefeatable.
Boucher is a decades long vegetarian who believes in the humane treatment of all sentient beings. Geof’s four-legged Secret City friends repeatedly prove themselves to be not only valuable, but necessary partners if good is to triumph over evil.
The author also authored “Grosswords. Gross, Scary and Weird Stuff,” an anthology of short stories with long twists for young people.